Apples falling, 2016


And so in August 2014, 'CRAZY DAVE'S CIDER' was born!

Now into 2018, with many more hills to climb and doors to open, the story continues.

Having watched his windfalls go to waste for 8 years since moving to Littlewick Green, in 2013 CRAZY DAVE bought a small press and decided to make some cider. The cider was a success and went down very well with friends, family and the occasional 'random stranger(s)'!

The following year he decided, that in order to increase production, he'd get his kids to post 100 leaflets to neighbours in the local area asking for any unwanted apples. On the promise of a few bottles as a 'thank you', he used these windfalls to produce a typical 'Eastern Counties' style cider that is characteristic of the apple varieties readily available within Berkshire.

CRAZY DAVE is passionate about the products he produces. So much so, he can often be found outside in all weathers, carrying out his own 'quality control' checks on his maturing, mightily CRAZY beverages!

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